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Mortgage Disputes

Fighting with your mortgage company?  Our firm has decades of experience helping Alabama families resolve problems relating to their mortgages.  Truth is, mortgage companies often make mistakes and they come in many forms:  lost payments, incorrect payment application, failure to pay taxes or insurance, accounting errors, failure to implement modifications, and failure to comply with bankruptcy protections, just to name a few.  Of late, we see problems related to COVID-19 related forbearances. ‘Even simple mistakes by a mortgage servicer can quickly lead to serious problems for the homeowner if not corrected.  That includes false credit reporting and ruined credit, unwanted collection calls, threats of foreclosure and even the loss of a home.

The good news is that there are important legal rights designed to protect you and force mortgage companies to fix servicing errors.  Our firm has been on forefront enforcing these rights in Alabama.   We’ve sued nearly every the national mortgage servicer –  Ocwen/PHH, Nationstar, Bank of American, Wells Fargo, Caliber, Chase, Carrington, Flagstar, LoanCare, to name just a few.   We’ve recovered millions for families damaged by mortgage company mistakes.  We’ve obtained many favorable published opinions that have strengthened homeowner rights, including the pro-consumer decision in Renfroe v. Nationstar – the leading national case establishing tough requirements for mortgage companies to investigate and correct their mistakes.

Don’t take on your mortgage company alone.  If your mortgage company made a mistake – or something just doesn’t seem right – you need legal advice.  And it’s important to act before the problem gets worse.  Getting help is easier than you think.   If you’re in Alabama, give us a call.  We offer a free mortgage consultation.  We’ll explain the legal protections that apply to your situation and give guidance on the best approach to solving your problem.  There’s no reason to try to take on a mortgage company alone and without knowing your rights.   If a lawsuit is needed, in many cases we can represent you with little or no upfront costs.  Our fee is paid only if you win and it’s paid from what you recover from the mortgage company. 

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