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Credit Reporting

We all know how important credit reports and credit scores are these days.  What’s in your credit report not only determines whether you get approved for a loan.  It affects where you live, the amount of your mortgage payment, where you work, how much you pay for your car or truck, whether you get promoted, whether you can rent an apartment and even how much you pay for insurance.  At the same time, credit bureaus and creditors are well known for making credit reporting mistakes.  In accurate information on credit reports is unfortunately very common and can be devastating to your hard-earned credit.

Something not right in your credit report?  Our firm has for decades helped consumers in Alabama not only fix these problems but be compensated for the damages caused by false reporting.  If there is something not right about the information on your credit report, call us for a free Credit Reporting Consultation.  There are important legal protections available for fixing credit reporting errors.  We’ll explain the legal protections available for your specific situation and provide guidance on the best approach to fixing your problem.  If a lawsuit is needed, we will represent you for little or no upfront cost.  Our fee is paid only if you win and it’s paid from what you recover from the company that violated your rights.  

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